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Stanley Cup…of farming

Illinois vs. Florida

By Diego Flammini,

Tonight, the Western Conference champion Chicago Blackhawks will meet the Eastern Conference champion Tampa Bay Lightning in the first game of the National Hockey League’s Stanley Cup Final.

The first team to win four games will hoist the Stanley Cup over their heads as the best team in hockey after a nine-month season.

Up to this point, analysts and experts have been dissecting matchups, player personnel, goaltending, penalty killing and other stats to try and determine which team has the edge going into the series.

The same thing is about to happen here, but with the agricultural industries of the represented states: Illinois and Florida.

Signals advantage for each team

NHL Team

Chicago Blackhawks

Chicago Blackhawks

Tampa Bay Lightning

Tampa Bay Lightning

Number of farm operations74,500 47,600
Beef cows (As of Jan. 1, 2015)376,000916,000 
Milk production (Measured in Lb/Head)19,68120,382 
Total value of ag producs soldMore than $17 billion More than $7 billion
Top commodity valueCorn - $8.5 billion Oranges - $1 billion
Average age of principal operator57.8 59.8
Value of aquaculture salesMore than $5 millionMore than $88 million 
Total acres operated26.9 million 9.5 million

 Based on the eight categories used to compare the two teams, the Chicago Blackhawks will have a distinct advantage going into the Stanley Cup over the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Tell us your thoughts about how the two states stack up against one another in agriculture, or in hockey. Who are you rooting for?

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