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Stealth Power launches electric Power Take-Off solution

Stealth Power launches electric Power Take-Off solution

By Andrew Joseph,

Stealth Power, the idle mitigation and mobile power company, announced on September 27, 2021 at The Utilities Expo in Louisville, Kentucky, the launch of its new, innovative Stealth Electric Power Take-Off (ePTO) system that has positive wide-ranging implications for bucket trucks within the utility industry.

By combining ePTO with idle mitigation capabilities, Stealth Power is now able to offer a compelling ePTO solution to the market.

The company’s new ePTO and current product line of idle mitigation vehicle power systems and mobile power products will allow companies to easily transition into a more cost-effective and sustainable fleet.

“Stealth’s ePTO replaces the need to run an engine to drive existing inefficient hydraulic power take-off systems,” said Devin Scott, CEO of Stealth Power. “We are excited to offer this innovative and highly cost-effective solution for utilities across the country.”

Battery-stored clean energy is the power source for the Stealth Power solution. It provides effective cost-cutting savings and a reduction in maintenance requirements while providing a respite from environmental impact—and all by a significant amount.

The company said its ePTO system will vastly improve the efficiency of the vehicle, eliminate unnecessary idle time, save on fuel, and reduce engine and transmission maintenance—that’s money saved and environment less impacted, a win-win.

For more information on Stealth Power and to learn how it can help you save, talk to them at The Utilities Show September 27-29, 2021 or visit:

Photo credit: THEPALMER, Getty Images

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