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Swine industry facing tough challenges, looking for effective and cost-savings way to become more efficient

PigCHAMP offers swine farmers less time data entering and more time in the barn

by Denise Faguy,

The Pork Industry has seen its fair share of consolidations and attrition over the past few years, so this year like never before, those that have survived in the industry are focusing on production efficiencies. This week a number of swine industry innovations will be on display at the World Pork Expo, June 4 -6, 2014, in Des Moines, Iowa.

The world’s largest pork-specific trade show will feature more than 375 trade show exhibits, and welcome nearly 20,000 attendees; on display will be the latest pork-production technologies, and products and services. The trade show provides swine farmers and other professionals in the swine industry with the opportunity to see and learn about a number of swine topics, including animal well-being, business and environmental management, and production efficiencies.

PigCHAMP Mobile enables pig farmers to enter data right in the barn. The mobile system increases accuracy and productivity in workers. “The great thing about the PigCHAMP Mobile system,” says PigCHAMP General Manager Bob Brcka, “is that small operations as well as large pork production facilities see the advantage of using a mobile system for data entry. Big business or small business everyone knows saving time is saving money!”

It’s easy to understand the advantages of using a hand-held device, while tending to the pigs, those in the barn can easily scan an animal ID tag (in the language of their choice) to ensure the animal’s data is accurate as well as up-to-the minute. The more swine farmers know about their animals, the better able they are to stop problems before they start. “With PigCHAMP mobile devices swine farmers are more confident about their data, with that confidence, they are then better able to analyse their data, which leads to more profitable operations,” concludes Brcka.

Based in Ames, Iowa, PigCHAMP inc. is the leading information technology supplier to the global pork industry and is relied upon by producers, veterinarians, and management consultants. The powerful and easy to use suite of tools gives PigCHAMP software customers the clearest vision of their operations, from swine data collection, to management and interpretation tools.

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