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Tips for moving equipment on public roads

Simple strategies to keep everyone safe

By Diego Flammini,

As farmers gear up for the busy fall harvest season, there could be an increased amount of farm equipment making its way onto regular roadways. It’s imperative that farmers as well as the general public be aware of the machinery to ensure everyone gets home safely at the end of the day.

The Canadian Agricultural Injury Reporting program reports that 13% of farm-related fatalities across Canada are related to traffic and involve tractors.


By following some simple tips, farmers can do their part to ensure they are operating machinery in the safest manner possible.

Machinery Maintenance
If the equipment is in poor condition, it could perform poorly and pose danger to the operator and other vehicles around it. By making sure the brakes are in working order, the tires have proper air pressure and are free of any cuts, and confirming the seatbelts and roll-over protective structures work properly, the chances of safe operation can be greatly increased.

Seeing Is Believing
By making the tractor as visible as possible, it allows other vehicles to adapt accordingly to the speed and traffic conditions. Cleaning off all lights and reflectors, attaching high-visibility tape and using slow-moving vehicle signs are ways to make sure the machinery can be seen from long distances.

Know The Route
Planning the route ahead of time can be a simple and effective way to ensure the safety of everyone on the road. Does your route have weight restrictions? Height restrictions? What are the speed limits?

Join the conversation and tell us the kinds of safety precautions you employ when taking your tractors and other machinery onto regular roads.


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