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Used corn planter considerations

Used corn planter considerations

A producer should decide on how much technology they want on the implement, a crop production specialist said

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

As farmers look ahead to the 2021 growing season, they might be considering the purchase of a used corn planter.

With that in mind, connected with an industry expert to provide growers with items to consider when shopping for a planter.

One determination a producer may need to make is whether the implement is going to be the primary or secondary planter.

“If a farmer is adding a secondy planter, some of the considerations we look at is whether it needs to have some of the high-tech options the primary planter has,” David Brennan, a crop production specialist with Case IH, told “Things like high-speed delivery or residue manager controls on the front side of it are things the customer might not opt for.”

On the other hand, if the planter is a producer’s primary implement, he or she needs to decide how much technology they want on it.

“Do you want down pressure?” Brennan said. “How much feedback do you want to have in the (tractor) cab in terms of making decisions for you? Do you want automated systems where you can put an inexperienced operator in the tractor, or do you want a more manual setup?”

Aside from the planter itself, producers also need to consider the tractor in front of it.

If a farmer is opting for a larger planter for the operation, he or she must have a tractor capable of pulling it, Brennan said.

“Speed is power and it’s not a linear curve, it’s one that can get pretty steep,” he said. “You’ve got to consider the tractor’s horsepower requirements if you’re getting into high-speed planters.”

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