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Consultation and collaboration set new soil strategy up for success

Apr 24, 2018

GUELPH, ON – A new provincial soil strategy will preserve soil health and guide conservation activities for more than a decade. The Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) welcomes the recently released New Horizons: Ontario’s Agricultural Soil Health and Conservation Strategy, a comprehensive resource for farmers across the province in soil management, mapping and monitoring.

“The unprecedented level of consultation and collaboration to develop this soil strategy is as much of a success as the strategy itself,” says Keith Currie, OFA President. The provincial soil health and conservation strategy was developed through collaboration with farm groups, agribusiness, government, conservation groups and researchers. “OFA was actively involved in the consultation process and Ontario farmers had the opportunity to share input on the draft strategy through open house meetings and online participation.”

Implementing the strategy will continue the collaborative efforts with already plans underway to start on strategic initiatives. “Improving soil health across Ontario will be a complex process, and we look forward to working with OMAFRA and the agricultural stakeholders to successfully implement the soil strategy,” says Currie. The recent announcement of the new Canadian Agricultural Partnership programs is a first step in supporting the implementation of soil strategy priorities.

The new long-term health strategy of Ontario’s soils will guide soil improvement activities, provincial efforts and investments until 2030. “Farmland preservation, improving and maintaining soil health are top priorities for OFA, and this strategy will serve as a key resource to revitalize interest in provincial soil health and provide a roadmap for conserving our soils for future generations,” says Currie.

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