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1 Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Discovered on P.E.I.

Prince Edward Islanders are being asked to be on the look out for a destructive agricultural pest called the brown marmorated stink bug.
One insect was spotted on a transfer truck that came into P.E.I. So far that has been the only one found on the Island.
The bugs can cause major damage in a wide range of crops, including apples, peaches, berries, peppers and corn. 
Dr. Christine Noronha of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada in Charlottetown is working with colleagues across the country to monitor the insect's progress.
"Right now we are just trying to be proactive," said Noronha. 
"There is nothing to worry about at this point in time. We are going to set up some traps..aggregation traps, pheromone traps ... We also want to get the citizens involved, people involved in this,  and we want them to look out."
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