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Beef Production Conferences From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

The Beef Cattle Research Council (BCRC) is seeing an increase in the number of producers tuning into their webinars.

The Council organizes beef production experts to give an hour long presentation during the webinars as a free resource for producers and other industry stakeholders.

BCRC's Research and Innovation Coordinator, Stacey Domolewski, says last year they saw the biggest growth in their audience since the Council started the webinars in 2014.

"Our feedback we hear is fantastic. A lot of producers are talking about things that they're making changes on their operation, or really enjoying the opportunity to ask questions to these experts that are speaking on the webinars."

Domolewski says, they have about 100 producers viewing their webinars live, and about 600 register to receive the email with the recording later.

The BCRC's first webinar in this year's series was on Wednesday, October 3 about managing replacement heifers.

"We looked at replacement heifers from two different angles," Domolewski says. "The first was the economic side of buying in versus raising your own, as well as from the veterinary side about some of the things to keep in mind about front loading your breeding season, and trying to make sure that those heifers are actually keeping up with your cow herd."

The next webinar is coming up Wednesday, November 14 about the changes to the way producers purchase their livestock antibiotics coming into effect the beginning of December.

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Source : Steinbachonline