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Canola Shipments To China Remain Blocked

The Canola Council of Canada (CCC) says canola seed shipments to China remain blocked. Canola seed exports have been blocked since March 2019. It was announced Tuesday that Canadian beef and pork exports to China would resume. 
CCC has released the following statement:
"Canola seed exports to China remain blocked. We hope this good news for the livestock industry helps create momentum to restore access for what used to be Canada’s most valuable export to China – canola."
The Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA) had this comment.
"Yesterday's news of the reopening of Chinese markets to Canadian pork and beef is being well received by Canadian farmers and producers as well as others in the value chain. While we are celebrating this favourable turn of events, we are mindful of the continued uncertainty and tangible hurt our Canola producers, as well as other commodity producers, are bearing as a result of being shut out of international markets - fallout that is a direct result from actions that are in no way of farmers' and producers' doing," said Mary Robinson, CFA President.
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