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New TTI TwinJet (TTI60) Spray Tip from TeeJet Technologies Offers Unmatched Drift Control

WHEATON, IL USA - The new TTI60 tip series is now available from TeeJet Technologies. The TTI60 builds on the industry-leading drift control of the original TTI spray tip series with the addition of twin spray patterns and a combined tip-cap design. The TTI60 produces primarily Ultra Coarse and Extremely Coarse droplets across a wide pressure range with less than 1.5%* driftable fines, which results in extremely good drift control. The twin spray patterns provide enhanced coverage and penetration for improved control, particularly at lower carrier volumes or when dealing with a denser crop canopy. The tip-cap design allows for quicker installation in the field and can be disassembled for cleaning.
“Like the Turbo TeeJet Induction (TTI), the TTI60 is ideal for applying systemic herbicides and was designed for applications where superior drift control is critical. We believe the TTI60 will prove to be an excellent tool for growers and commercial applicators to manage drift while maintaining very effective control,” notes Tim Stuenkel, Marketing Communications Manager with TeeJet Technologies.
TeeJet Technologies manufactures a comprehensive line of products including agricultural spray nozzles for various herbicide/fungicide applications, boom components, valves/manifolds, strainers, and spray guns, as well as GPS guidance systems, sprayer control systems, ISOBUS job computers, assisted steering systems and other precision farming products. In addition, TeeJet Technologies continues to invest in research and development to advance precision application and control technology.
Source : TeeJet Technologies