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NEXTEVO works with Farmers to Transform Agricultural Waste into Sustainable Textiles

SINGAPORE -- NEXTEVO announces the launch of its sustainable fibers and yarns made from pineapple leaves, a common agricultural waste from pineapple cultivation. Combining these Ready-to-Spin (RTS) fibers with other eco-fibers (e.g. organic cotton, lyocell, recycled polyester, etc.), NEXTEVO offers blended yarns for the textile industry across applications including denim apparel, sneakers, upholstery and bath towels.

Relieving Environmental Pollution and Driving Social Impact for Local Farmers

Southeast Asia is the world's largest pineapple producer region with Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia amongst the top producers. Significant volumes of pineapple leaf waste generated is commonly burnt, discarded into landfills, or composted, resulting in harmful environmental impacts.

Instead, working with local farmers, NEXTEVO collects these pineapple leaves and turns them into value-added materials for the textile industry. Not only minimizing existing environmental problems in the process, but also supplementing income for farmers.

The joint venture in Thailand between Jinny Tantipipatpong, chairman of SAICO (world's fourth largest pineapple cannery producer), and NEXTEVO creates a vertically integrated supply chain. This includes sourcing pineapple leaves, processing into RTS fibers and blended yarns for manufacturers, making premium consumer products for brands globally.

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