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SK Stock Growers Partners with Cherry Insurance AgSecure on Unique Livestock Coverage

Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association (SSGA) and Cherry Insurance AgSecure (Cherry) have teamed up to launch an exclusive livestock insurance product for SSGA members, the Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association announced at its Annual General Meeting and Convention underway yesterday in Swift Current.
“This livestock mortality insurance is another way to get value from being a SSGA member. For the producer, it’s a very comprehensive, yet affordable insurance product,” stated SSGA President Shane Jahnke at the announcement.
“We’re proud partners with SSGA on this exclusive coverage,” said Vern Randall from Cherry.
The partnership between SSGA and Cherry was developed in response to last year’s wildfires with additional input coming from producers seeking an alternative, low-cost insurance option to protect against mass losses.
“This program is unique to anything on the insurance market because it offers a higher deductible option than traditional packages which reduces premiums and makes it very affordable,” Randall added.
The program is set up with two tier options. SSGA members will have the option to take advantage of Cherry’s whole farm insurance package which includes the discounted livestock coverage, or they have the option of purchasing a stand-alone livestock-only policy. Members can further customize the deductibles to suit their individual needs and budget. Regardless of how the policy is set up, members will receive significant cost savings and enhanced coverage compared to the general insurance market.
This insurance package includes coverage for death or loss due to a large range of events from the most common – fire, wind, lightening and drowning – to extraordinary events – accidental shooting, dog attack and malicious mischief, among others. Cherry also is offering additional optional coverage for entrapment, escape, mutilation and loading and unloading. 
Source : SK Stock Growers Association