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Soybean Harvest In The Bin

Manitoba's soybean harvest is in the bin.

That according to the province's Pulse Specialist Dennis Lange.

"I think for the most part they are [complete] in Manitoba. There are the odd fields here and there that growers are going to finish up this week. There is just some late fields down south here I've noticed here this last weekend but I think probably by the end of this week here everything should be pretty much wrapped up for soybeans in Manitoba."

Lange says soybean acres in Manitoba this year were around 1.2 million up from one million acres last year.

He notes yields were better than expected for many farmers this year, however the extremely dry areas had lower yields.

Overall quality was good, with most soybeans being graded at number two Canada.

Lange adds the high prices will definitely help on a year like this.

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