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SwarmFarm Robotics Delivers First Commercial Unit in the U.S.

Australian company SwarmFarm Robotics made its first commercial delivery of the autonomous SwarmBot in the U.S. to Beck’s Hybrids in Atlanta, Ind., the company announced on LinkedIn

The Australian company announced last year that with new funding it would launch its technology in North America and expand its SwarmBot platform with new applications. SwarmFarm Robotics has raised last year a $12 million AUD Series A ($8.3 million USD).

SwarmFarm also mentions earlier that it aims to facilitate the growth of its SwarmConnect network of developers. “We are continuing to expand our network of companies in SwarmConnect, and our integration and product roadmap is full of new innovations for our farming clients,” SwarmFarm CEO Andrew Bate points out a year ago. “Some of the biggest things coming down the line is non-chemical weeding technology and action-based interrogation of weather data that adapts crop protection applications to current and forecast weather conditions.”

SwarmFarm currently serves customers across Australia and works with some several farm equipment developers, including WEED-IT, Bilberry, Weedseeker, Hayes Spraying, Rasmussen Brothers Engineering, Goldacres, and Croplands.

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