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Unrestricted Access to China Among NPPC 2020 Priorities

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The National Pork Producers Council is applauding news of a mini trade deal with China and during 2020 will be pressing for unrestricted market access for U.S. pork in China. Last week U.S. President Donald Trump announced the United States has agreed to massive Phase One deal with China under which China has agreed to massive purchases of agricultural products, energy and manufactured goods, plus much more and suggested there are few products better positioned to slash the trade imbalance with China than pork.
National Pork Producers Council President David Herring told reporters participating yesterday in an NPPC teleconference on U.S. pork industry 2020 priorities, among those priorities will be gaining unrestricted market access to China to address its need for affordable pork and expanding the export of pork to other African Swine Fever affected countries.
Clip-David Herring-National Pork Producers Council:
We were very pleased with last week's announcement of a Phase One trade deal that will reportedly benefit U.S. pork. We look forward to the details of this agreement. China represents an unparalleled opportunity for U.S. pork producers to provide the highest quality and most affordable pork in the world.
It's no secret that China needs reliable, affordable sources of pork. No source is better positioned to meet this need than American hog farmers. According to Iowa State University Economist Dermot Hayes the United States, if it gained unrestricted access to the Chinese market, would reduce the overall trade deficit with China by nearly six percent, generate 184 thousand new U.S. jobs and produce 24 and a half billion in new sales all in the next decade.
Additionally, with ASF spreading in many parts of Asia, NPPC hopes to expand export opportunities in the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and other countries.
Source : Farmscape

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