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$100,000 Up for grabs in farm innovation challenge


The American Farm Bureau Federation, together with Farm Credit, has announced a significant increase in the prize for the 2025 Ag Innovation Challenge, now offering $100,000 to the winner. This boost in funding is part of an effort to drive innovation within the agricultural sector.

The competition is open to all entrepreneurs who have a viable business plan, product, or service that could potentially solve some of the critical issues facing farmers, ranchers, and rural communities in the United States. The aim is to discover and support new ideas that can contribute positively to the agricultural industry, enhancing productivity, sustainability, and community well-being.

By doubling the previous prize amount, the Federation intends to attract a broader array of participants and provide more substantial support to the eventual winner, enabling them to bring their ideas to fruition. This increased financial backing underscores the importance of innovative developments in agriculture, particularly at a time when the industry faces numerous challenges from environmental pressures to changing market demands.

Entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply by June 15, with more details and application instructions available on the Federation’s official website. This initiative not only offers a significant financial incentive but also highlights the crucial role of innovation in the future of farming and rural prosperity.

With this challenge, the American Farm Bureau Federation continues to underline its commitment to advancing agriculture through creative thinking and entrepreneurship, aiming to yield long-term benefits for the agricultural community nationwide.

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