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$17.5 million farm for sale

$17.5 million farm for sale
Aug 02, 2017
By Kaitlynn Anderson

Asking price for property works out to around $30K per acre


By Kaitlynn Anderson


Beaver Meadow Farms, a 582-acre property on Vancouver Island, is advertised for sale at $17.5 million – roughly $30,000 per acre.

The per-acre price is about five times greater than the average value per acre in British Columbia in 2016, which was $5,806 according to Statistics Canada.

The farm, which consists of certified organic land, is located in the heart of Comox.

The land is drained and fully irrigated by natural springs and a nearby creek.

Suited for a wide range of agricultural uses, the soil is predominantly Class 1 and 2 with few or no significant limitations in use for crop production, according to the listing. 

The farm, which was previously a dairy operation, still contains outbuildings, barns and milking equipment.

Currently, the land is home to a 100 per cent grass-fed organic beef operation. 

The property offers a taste of the large, open countryside, while being only a three-minute drive away from the city of Courtenay’s grocery stores and amenities, the listing says.

The Mount Washington Ski Resort is also only 30 minutes from the property.

The farm also has three houses.


Take a virtual tour of Beaver Meadow Farms:




Image source: Gord Houweling Personal Real Estate Corporation

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