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Ace Pumps introduces Gemini Dual Pump Kit

Farmers can run two pumps using one remote with the system

By Diego Flammini
Assistant Editor, North American Content

Ace Pumps is giving farmers the ability to operate planters and sprayers more efficiently with its new Gemini Dual Pump Kit.

Debuted at the 2017 National Farm Machinery Show, the kit gives producers more control over their product application rates.

“One of the key features is that (farmers) can run two different products (or) two different application rates with no issues,” said Bobby Robinson, senior engineer with Ace Pumps.

Farmers also have the option to operate one pump manually and one automatically.

The Gemini’s technology is an impressive upgrade over past systems, says Robinson.

“In the past, some farmers would use a hydraulic tee on the high-pressure line (and) split that into two pumps,” he said. “(They would need) the same sized hydraulic motor and have to be running a balanced load (the same application rates, same pressure and same flow rates).


“(The Gemini) allows producers to run an extremely low flow rate on one application with a smaller pump and a high application rate with a larger pump.”

Other benefits to the Gemini Dual Pump Kit include reducing fuel and labor costs, compaction, and overall equipment wear and tear.

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