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AI and Machine Learning to transform animal research


The University of Arkansas welcomes Dr. Aranyak Goswami, a seasoned bioinformatics researcher, to its Agricultural Experiment Station. Goswami’s background in medical research at Yale and Stanford has equipped him with unique skills that he now brings to animal science, employing AI and machine learning to enhance research outcomes.

The focus of Goswami’s work is on the health and productivity of livestock, particularly through the analysis of genetic data and animal microbiomes. These studies are crucial for understanding diseases and developing new treatments that are both effective and environmentally sustainable.

Through his collaboration with other researchers and departments, Goswami is set to make significant contributions to the fields of animal and poultry science. His efforts include identifying key bacterial and viral pathogens affecting livestock, which will aid in the creation of novel probiotics and improve overall animal welfare.

Additionally, Goswami's involvement in teaching will provide valuable AI and machine learning insights to students at the university, preparing them for future challenges in agricultural sciences.

His work represents a pivotal step in integrating advanced technologies with traditional farming practices, promising to elevate Arkansas's status in the agricultural sector by enhancing both educational and research capabilities.

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