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Alberta EFP renewal required for funding

Alberta EFP renewal required for funding

To be eligible for CAP program funding, plans must be completed within last 10 years 

By Kate Ayers

Staff Writer


Alberta is introducing a renewal period for Environmental Farm Plans (EFPs), effective April 1, for farmers to be eligible for funding programs.

After this date, farmers must have an EFP completed within the last decade to be eligible for cost-share funding through the Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change programs of the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP), according to an Alberta EFP article on Tuesday.  

To ensure EFPs across Canada are more uniform, Alberta is instituting a renewal period, making the plans more relevant to sustainable sourcing programs. Currently, Alberta is the only province without such a requirement.

An industry advisory group has set the renewal period at 10 years but, if the period becomes a part of a national standard, it may be decreased to five years. 

If a producer’s EFP completion letter is older than 10 years, or the completion letter cannot be found, he or she will need to complete a new workbook and action plan, according to the article.  

A workbook is available online for producers to update their EFPs. The system will facilitate future renewals and the website automatically completes many of the calculations for participants.

However, producers can also complete a new hardcopy version if renewing online is not an option.

Producers can register here for an updated EFP. 


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