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All is fair in love and bacon

Oscar Mayer releases Sizzl dating app

By Diego Flammini,

Most people have an unofficial set of criteria when trying to find a suitable partner for a relationship.

These qualifications could include any of the following:

  • Educated
  • Good sense of humour
  • Family oriented
  • Career driven
  • Down to Earth
  • Likes to be physically active
  • Likes bacon!

Online Dating

While the enjoyment of bacon may seem like an insignificant trait, Oscar Mayer’s new dating app, Sizzl, makes it the forefront for love.

Part of the sign up process involves a bacon-themed questionnaire that requires users to say the kind of bacon they enjoy and whether they prefer bacon crispy or chewy.

"In love, as it is in bacon, it's important to be discerning when selecting your perfect match and to never settle for less than the best," said Eric Dahmer, marketing director at Oscar Mayer in a press release. “We’re thrilled to give our true bacon lovers the chance to find each other and potentially meet their soulmates, in life and in bacon.”

The app works like many dating operations where users create a profile, upload photos and sift through people in their area.

It works similar to popular dating app Tinder, where users swipe to the left or right depending if they like what they see or not.  Should someone like the profile they’re looking at, they hold down a “sizzle” button. The longer the button is held, the more attracted they are to the person and their profile.

The app is free for anyone who has an iPhone 5 or newer. 

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