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All-New TITAN Zero Turn Mower for Large Acreage

All-New TITAN Zero Turn Mower for Large Acreage

Built with Toro’s Innovative My Ride System to Enhance Comfort and Efficiency

By Ryan Ridley

Toro has unveiled its latest addition to the zero turn mower market with its TITAN Series. 

This mower is specifically designed for those who manage large acreage and requires robust equipment that can handle rough and tough environments efficiently. 

Clint Briscoe gave the rundown of its newest mower. 

The standout feature of the TITAN is the MyRIDE suspension system, exclusive to Toro, which offers adjustable settings to ensure optimal comfort and control. 

This system allows you to modify the suspension to be softer or firmer according to your preferences, ensuring a smooth ride over uneven terrain. By isolating the user from the machine, the MyRIDE system also significantly reduces fatigue, enabling longer working periods without discomfort. 

Furthermore, the TITAN’s design focuses on high-quality performance and durability. 

It is equipped with a 60-inch IronForged cutting deck and is powered by a 26 horsepower Kohler engine. 

Another notable feature of the TITAN mower is its I-beam front end, borrowed from Toro’s commercial line, which has been adapted to suit residential class machines as well. This enhancement ensures the mower’s longevity and reliability.  

Additionally, the TITAN includes a rubber discharge chute which is ideal for navigating around obstacles such as fence lines, offering flexibility and preventing damage during operation. 

Toro has also incorporated practical features aimed at improving usability and maintenance. The drop pin height adjustment system is simple yet robust compared to more fragile dial systems. 

An automotive-style fuel fill positioned on the side of the mower simplifies the refueling process. 

“One of the other good features, especially for a farmer with this particular machine, is we put an extra bend in the steering levers themselves so that as you're on this machine for more than an hour, you can move your hand grip so that you can have less fatigue in your arms,” added Briscoe. 

Watch the below video to see Toro’s TITAN Series up close. 

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