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FPT Ag Ministers’ Meeting: Prince Edward Island

FPT Ag Ministers’ Meeting: Prince Edward Island

Minister Bloyce Thompson is ready to work on important issues

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

P.E.I.’s ag ministry is the latest one to provide comments to leading up to the federal-provincial-territorial (FPT) meeting later this month.

Minister Bloyce Thompson is ready to work to advocate for farmers in P.E.I. and across the country.

“He and the PEI Department of Agriculture are looking forward to discussions on the many important topics that will arise in Whitehorse at the upcoming FPT meeting,” the department told in an emailed statement. “This includes bringing the voices of farmers to the meeting so that localized issues are heard on a national scale and further discussing how FPT governments can work together to continue to grow both PEI and Canadian agriculture.”

Bloyce Thompson
Bloyce Thompson

Canada and the provinces work together on ag issues through the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership, which is in effect until March 31, 2028.

P.E.I.’s share of the $3.5 billion agreement is about $46 million.

In the run up to the FPT meetings, has contacted multiple ag ministries and staff across the country to provide insight on issues ministers and reps plan to discuss during the gathering.

Here are the responses has received thus far.

Alberta’s minister of agriculture and irrigation, RJ Sigurdson, indicated animal disease preparedness and improving the sustainability of business risk management programs are top of mind.

In B.C., Minister Pam Alexis says the number one issue facing farmers is the continued increase to cost of production.

Minister Caitlin Cleveland from the Northwest Territories says emergency preparedness and reducing internal barriers to trade are important priorities for the ag community in the territory.

Minister Margaret Johnson will represent New Brunswick at the FPT meeting.

Input costs and attracting young people to the ag industry are among the province’s priorities, she told

And Minister Elvis Loveless will bring the voice of Newfoundland & Labrador agriculture to the meeting.

Animal disease preparedness and food self-sufficiency are important topics for the province, his department told also connected with federal Minister MacAulay’s office about the upcoming meeting.

Strengthening Canadian ag is a shared responsibility and the FPT meeting helps everyone improve the long-term sustainability of Canadian ag, his office said.

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