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Automated Field Steering with Ag Leader’s TurnPath

Automated Field Steering with Ag Leader’s TurnPath

Innovative Auto-Steering Maximizes Productivity in the Headland

By Ryan Ridley

Andrew Pierce, a product sales specialist at Ag Leader Technology, recently connected with to showcase one of its latest innovations, TurnPath.   

This technology automates the turning process designed to maximize productivity in the headlands.  

TurnPath works by automatically generating a guidance line when a vehicle reaches the end of a field.  

This line helps the autosteer system, whether it’s the SteerCommand Z2 or SteadySteer, to execute precise turns, making you more efficient in the field. 

The system is integrated within a user-friendly display that offers various options to enhance field efficiency. Farmers can choose to skip passes, alternate passes, or employ pattern sequencing. 

Pattern sequencing is particularly useful during harvest to maintain optimal positioning of the auger on the outside, which streamlines the harvesting process. 

What makes TurnPath stand out is its simplicity and ease of use. According to Pierce, the system requires minimal input from the operator—no need for constant button pushing.  

Once set up with accurate field boundaries, TurnPath operates seamlessly, ensuring that machinery automatically executes turns at the end of each pass. This allows you to focus more on other aspects of field management and less on steering controls. 

By automating one of the more tedious aspects of field work, Ag Leader helps you optimize your time and resources. 

To see how TurnPath works, watch the below video. 

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