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Autonomous electric tractors a reality

Autonomous electric tractors a reality

Ztractor is developing autonomous electric agriculture machinery for farmers

By Ryan Ridley

What was once a distant dream, as described by Bakur Kvezereli with examples from the early 1900s, autonomous electric tractors are now becoming a reality for farmers across the globe.

Kvezereli is the founder and CEO of Ztractor, a developer of autonomous electric tractors (AETs).

His presentation titled ‘Automation and Electrification of Agriculture Machinery’ was delivered to attendees of the 2020 Virtual Precision Agriculture Conference & Ag Technology Showcase.

“We [have created] three models. Right now, we have almost completed and commercialized the Bearcub-24 model which will be available for customers in 2021,” says Kvezereli.

The company has also begun prototyping two other models, the Mars-45 and the Superpilot-125, which they look forward to releasing to farmers in coming years.

“Bearcub-24 is perfect for berries, vegetables and grapes, while the Mars-45 focuses more on large scale vegetables like tomatoes, and the Superpilot-125 is mostly for grains and field crops, which we are seeing more interest in,” adds Kvezereli.


Ztractor's 3 autonomous electric tractor models: Bearcub-24, Mars-45, and Superpilot-125.


With 67 sensors, six cameras, and GPS RTK, the 100 percent electric Bearcub-24 model collects real-time ag data while operating in the field. Its IoT framework and machine learning algorithm interprets the data, which leads to higher efficiency and increased yield.

“[The Bearcub-24] scans everything on the farm – on the soil level, plant level and air level – and gives the operator or farm manager a better idea of what to expect on the farm, not only what is happening today and your challenges right now, but also into the future,” he explains.

Bearcub-24 comes equipped with a 3-point hitch, continuous track, adjustable chassis system and battery management system, travels up to 15 mph, and has a PTO that supports all category-1 implements.

To learn more about autonomous electric tractors and Ztractor, watch the below video with Kvezereli.


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