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BC town wants to develop municipal land for forestry and ag opportunities

BC town wants to develop municipal land for forestry and ag opportunities

By Andrew Joseph,

The British Columbia town of Qualicum Beach wants to create a rural innovation hub on 44 acres of municipal land that will provide value-added opportunities for forestry and agriculture.

Although the parcel of land is in an area with a long growing season, it is not thought to have the best quality of soil for outdoor farming—so greenhouses may be the best option.

Qualicum Beach is looking for proposals to design, develop, own, operate and finance a light industrial forestry and/or agricultural development in an effort to encourage new value-added activities in the area.

The end-result of the project is to create local jobs and businesses, increase economic activity and support current area suppliers and shops. Along with taxes generated via any new commercial building project, land sales or long-term leases are also on the table.

A portion of the land is within the BC Agricultural Land Reserve, with another section containing a decommissioned landfill topped with clay.   

The town said initial proposals must be in by November 3, 2021, with additional proposals to be considered quarterly per year.

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