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Boosting Canada’s bio-based lubricant sector

Boosting Canada’s bio-based lubricant sector

Renewable Lubricants Inc. of Ohio will launch an Ontario subsidiary

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Canadian oilseed producers may soon have another local market for their crops, thanks to the launching of a new Ontario business. 
Renewable Lubricants Inc. (RLI) of Ohio, a U.S. manufacturer of vegetable-oil-based lubricants, has formed a Canadian subsidiary that will be in Ontario, said a Tuesday Oilseed Innovation Partners (OIP) release.
RLI, with market and business development support from OIP, will operate as Renewable Lubricants Canada (RLC). RLC has established relationships in Ontario to help with product development and distribution. 
RLC expects to be operational before the fall of 2019, creating ten new jobs in the process. 
“The thrust of it is that the company is going to develop the market here, and it is currently a user of the used oils from oilseed,” Robert Roe, director of bioproduct commercialization, told yesterday. RLI is “using Canadian feedstocks, like canola, in most of the products that it makes. This is an opportunity for us to use Canadian oilseeds in their products, in our market.”
RLI manufacturers environmentally friendly lubricants like greases, hydraulic fluids and engine oils.  
“RLI is recognized as an undisputed leader in the North American bio-lubricant space and it is significant to have an American company decide to build a business here in Canada,” said Jeff Schmalz, OIP CEO, in the release. “This is a milestone in the development of a national bio-lubricant industry in our country.”
The Canadian biofuel industry wants to boost market demand for bio-based lubricants, which diminishes the environmental risks of petroleum-based products. The industry also wants to develop local operations.   
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