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Canada Boosts Global Pork Sector with $11.6M Investment

By Jean-Paul McDonald

In a move to secure Canada's standing as a leader in the global pork market, the government has announced a substantial investment aimed at advancing the pork industry into the future.

This strategic infusion of funds, totalling up to $10.6 million, is earmarked for Swine Innovation Porc (SIP) under the AgriScience Program’s Clusters Component of the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership.

The Honourable Marie-Claude Bibeau, representing the government, highlighted the initiative's focus on research that will bolster the sector's sustainability, resilience, and growth.

The funding will support a range of critical areas, including environmental performance, greenhouse gas reduction, productivity enhancements, disease management, and the fight against antimicrobial resistance.

This initiative not only aims to improve the pork sector's environmental footprint but also to enhance product quality and animal welfare standards.

Past Swine Clusters have significantly improved feeding strategies, reduced antibiotic usage, and enhanced pork quality, demonstrating the program's potential to foster innovation and maintain Canada's high-quality pork product reputation.

Complementing the Swine Cluster's funding, an additional $1 million from the Greening Government Fund (GGF) will be invested in updating the Sherbrooke Research and Development Centre's facilities.

This includes installing high-efficiency heat recovery fans and transitioning the Normandin Research Farm to a more sustainable pellet biomass heating system, further underscoring the commitment to reducing the agricultural sector's carbon footprint.

The Honourable Lawrence MacAulay, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, emphasized the importance of this funding, stating, "With this funding, we're making sure our pork producers have the tools they need to continue to be leaders in the agriculture sector. This will create opportunities for innovation so we can meet the growing global demand for our world-renowned Canadian pork."

This investment reflects Canada's proactive approach to meeting the challenges of modern agriculture, ensuring the pork industry remains competitive and sustainable for years to come.

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