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Canada, U.S. Farmers Rival Corn Field Heights

Canada, U.S. Farmers Rival Corn Field Heights

By Amanda Brodhagen,

Most of the corn in Canada and the United States was knee high by the fourth of July this year, but only in certain regions. asked growers to submit their Fourth of July corn pictures through Twitter on Thursday and to our delight we have sixteen photos from across certain parts of Canada and the U.S. There were some pretty impressive corn heights, but regardless of how high the corn was - it was evident that farmers were proud of their growing crop.

These savvy farmers shared their corn pictures with a number of the submissions boasting about their corn variety and providing details about when the corn was planted, along with estimating how tall they thought their corn was.

It was amazing to see the collection of corn heights and scope of varieties farmers planted.  Kudos to the participating growers for sharing their stories and pictures with us and we hope you enjoy a short video that we put together showcasing corn fields from across North America.

You can also see a photo album of each entry on Ontario Agriculture that provides the Twitter handle information for each grower along with other details such as location, variety and estimated height. The photos were predominantly
from Ontario, with submissions also from Alberta, Illinois and California.

Click here to view the video.


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