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BMO Food Survey Reveals Why Canadians Buy Local

BMO Food Survey Reveals Why Canadians Buy Local

By Amanda Brodhagen,

Contributing to the local economy, supporting farmers and food taste are the top reasons why Canadians aim to eat local food, a BMO survey suggests. The survey also uncovers what Canadians buy locally, examining different regions of the country.

Canadian’s rank reasons they buy local:

• Food is fresh and taste  - 97%
• Supporting the local economy  - 97%
• Supports regional farmers - 96 %
• Creates local jobs  - 93%
• More environmentally friendly – 88%
• More opportunity to buy organic products – 76%
• It is less expensive – 71%

Regional breakdown:

• Albertans tend to buy local beef often;
• Ontarians tend to buy local wine 40% of the time;
• B.C and Ontario tend to purchase more locally grown fruits ;
• Atlantic Canadians more likely to buy local fish;
• Quebec residents are more likely to purchase locally-made cheese

The Bank of Montreal has been conducting this survey for the last three years and has found that Canadians like to support local farmers and contribute to the regional economy. "Canada's agriculture industry is a major driver in Canada's economy. We will continue to work with our clients in the sector to find news way to increase productivity and remain globally competitive,” said avid Rinneard, Director, Agriculture and Agribusiness, BMO.

The survey was conducted by Pollara between June 14th and June 17th. The sample size was 1,000, accuracy 19 out of 20.

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