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Canadian February sales of tractors show muted improvement

Canadian February sales of tractors show muted improvement

Monthly report from the Association of Equipment Manufacturers says Canadian sales of 2WD farm tractors increased by 2.9 percent in February 2022 over 2021.

By Andrew Joseph,

Canadian Ag 2WD farm tractors saw an increase in sales for February 2022 over 2021 according to a report from the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), but showed drops in sales for both 4WD farm tractors and self-prop combines.

February 2022 saw a total of 1,683 farm tractors sold, up one percent of February 2021’s 1,666 units. The year-to-date-numbers for 2022 are 3,367 vs 2021’s 3,273—an increase of 2.9 percent.

For the <40HP 2WD farm tractors, 1,147 units were sold in February of 2022 compared with 1,125 units in February of 2021—an increase of 2.0 percent.

Things were better for the 2WD farm tractors of 40 to <100HP, with 347 units sold in February 2022, up by 2.4 percent over the 2021 numbers for February—1,614 units.

Best, however, were sales of the 100+HP 2WD farm tractors: February 2022 saw 167 units sold versus February 2021’s 150 units—an 11.3 percent change in the positive.

The combined January + February 2022 numbers for 2WD 100+HP farm tractors sold shows a 19.1 percent increase in 2022 over 2021, selling 380 units vs 319 units.

Unfortunately, 4WD tractors have taken a huge hit in February 2022 numbers vs February 2021 as well as in year-to-date figures.

February of 2022 only saw 22 units sold vs 52 in 2021, a drop of 57.7 percent; and YTD 2022 at 50 units

Combines also faired poorly in February of 2022, selling only 30 units relative to 53 in February of 2021 for a 43.4 percent drop. In year-to-date, 2022 saw 79 units sold vs 123 units sold, a drop of 35.8 percent.

While Canada’s total farm tractor sales only saw a one percent increase in February 2022 over 2021, US February 2022 sales showed a respectable growth of 9.2 percent over 2021.

In the US, it too was led by the 100+ horsepower 2WD segment with a 27.9 percent jump, followed by the sub-40 horsepower 2WD segment up 8.1 percent. Mid-range tractors between 40 and 100 horsepower climbed 7.1 percent, reversing the previous month’s decline.

AEM is the leading organization in North America advancing construction and agriculture equipment manufacturers and their value chain partners in the global marketplace. More information available at

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