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Canadian government invests in sheep industry

Investment totals more than $300,000

By Diego Flammini,

In an effort to increase food safety, biosecurity and animal care in the country’s sheep industry, the Canadian federal government is investing in Canadian Sheep Federation (CSF).

"The sheep industry is a significant contributor to the Canadian economy,” said Member of Parliament for Kitchener-Conestoga Harold Albrecht on behalf of Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz. “This investment is helping to ensure that sheep producers have an assurance program that promotes the growth and viability of the industry, while meeting the needs of buyers, retailers and consumers.”


The investment, which totals $348,090 will allow the CSF to use sheep and lamb production assurance systems under Canada’s Food Safe Farm Practices (FSFP) Program – a food safety program that takes place on farms and examines production and helps come up with solutions to minimize food safety risks and concerns.

"Expanding the scope of the Canadian sheep industry's on-farm food safety program helps support our industry's commitment to food safety and responsible livestock production,” said Chairman of Canadian Sheep Federation, Phil Kolodychuk. “The end result is an all-encompassing assurance program that is easy for producers to follow and that allows farms to be recognized for their efforts."

The investment into the Canadian sheep industry and food safety could lead to expanded markets and trade opportunities.

"Not only will the enhanced assurance program allow producers to maintain and grow domestic markets, it will also contribute to the overall credibility of food safety in Canadian agriculture and support Canada's international market access goals,” said Rob Scott, Vice-Chair of Canadian Sheep Federation.

A look at Canada’s sheep inventory as of January 1, 2015.


ProvinceThousand Head
Newfoundland and Labrador2.1
Prince Edward Island6.5
Nova Scotia21.0
New Brunswick7.0
British Columbia40.0

Tell us your thoughts about the Canadian government’s investment into the country’s sheep industry. As a sheep farmer are you encouraged by the investment in food safety?

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