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Canola Farmers in Alberta Eligible for 2023 SR&ED Tax Credit


Canola farmers in Alberta can capitalize on the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credit, with a competitive rate of 12.49% applicable for the 2023 tax year. This tax credit allows growers to claim a portion of their service charge payment, specifically used to fund qualifying research initiatives. 

Alan Hampton, Chair of Alberta Canola's research committee, emphasizes the significant value for growers participating in the canola service charge. He states, "Farmers can recover a portion of their dollars invested by the Commission in research through the SR&ED tax credit." Hampton highlights Alberta Canola's strategic partnerships and efficient allocation of research funds to tackle challenges such as blackleg and clubroot disease management, along with monitoring insect pests for susceptibility and resistance to insecticides. 

For instance, an individual grower who paid a $1000 service charge to Alberta Canola in 2023 is eligible to claim a $124.90 tax credit. 

The SR&ED tax credit can serve various purposes: 

  • Offset federal taxes in the current year. 

  • Receive a tax refund. 

  • Carry forward up to 20 years to offset federal taxes owing. 

  • Carry back three years to reduce federal taxes paid in those years. 

Individual producers must file a T2038 (IND), while farm corporations need to file a T2SCH31 form. Growers are encouraged to reach out to the Canada Revenue Agency or consult their accountants for additional details. 

For more SR&ED information, visit the Canada Revenue Agency website  

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