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Case IH planter earns highest sale price at auction

Case IH planter earns highest sale price at auction

The 2022 Case IH Early Riser sold after 325 bids Auction Report

A Jan. 17 BigIron auction proved to be a colorful event as a piece of red equipment earned the most green from a buyer.

Of 995 items sold, a Case IH planter sold for the highest price.

The 2022 Case IH Early Riser 2150 16R30” high speed planter from Lincoln, Neb., sold for US$183,350 (CAD$246,978) to a buyer from Minnesota after 325 bids.

Specs: ront Folding Planter, Bulk Fill, ASD Electric Drive Meters, Vacuum, DeltaForce Hyd Down Pressure, Row Cleaners W/CleanSweep Air Adjust, Pneumatic In-Cab 2-Stage Closing Wheels, Markers, Bulk Fill Tanks, 2-Pt Hitch, Heavy Duty Carrier/w HF Wheel, Deluxe Air Compressor, Additional Work Lites, (HIGH SPEED PKG).

Case IH planter

Rounding out the top five items sold during the auction are as follows:

A 2012 Case IH Steiger 400 tractor from Des Arc, Ark., sold for US$120,250 (CAD$162,042) to a buyer from Illinois after 175 bids.

Specs: 3,701 hours, 400 Hp, Iveco 12.9L 6-Cylinder, Diesel, Water Cooled Engine, Engine Oil Level Full, 310 Fuel Capacity, Powershift Transmission, 16 Forward Speeds, 2 Reverse Speeds, Independent PTO, Rear PTO Location, 4 Auxiliary Hydraulics, Hydraulic Brakes, Articulated Steering, 520/85R46 Front Tires, Front And Rear Duals, Pin Hitch, Front LED Light Bar, Heater, AC, Radio, Leather Instructor Seat, 1 Door(s), Leather Seat.

A 2010 John Deere 7330 tractor from Pierre, S.D., sold for US$110,250 (CAD$148,562) to a buyer from Montana after 118 bids.

Specs: 4,645 hours, 155 Hp, 6.8 Liter 6-Cylinder Diesel, Block Heater, 20-Speed Partial Powershift (Has E Range), 20 Forward Speeds, 20 Reverse Speeds, 540/Small 1000 PTO, Rear Fender PTO Control, 3 Hydraulic Outlets, 600/65 R28 Front Tires, 620/70 R42 Rear Tire Size, 741 Self Leveling Loader, Quick Attach Loader, Quick Attach Bucket, Joystick Loader Control, Single Point Loader Hyd. Hook-up, 8' Loader Bucket Width, 5-Tine Grapple, 2-Outside, 1-Inside Rear Axle Weights, Hood Guard.

A 2014 Case IH 260 tractor from Oconto, Wis., sold for US$103,250 (CAD$139,157) to a buyer from Iowa after 165 bids.

Specs: 4,281 hours, 260 Hp, FPT 8.7L, Block Heater, Powershift, 18 Forward Speeds, 4 Reverse Speeds, Large 1000 PTO, Rear PTO, 4 Hydraulic Outlets, Differential Lock, 480/70R34 Front Tires, 480/80R50 Rear Tire Size, Rear Duals, Front Fenders, 10 Front Weights, ISOBUS Compatible, Electric Adjustable Mirrors, Operators Manual, Heat, Air Conditioning, Air Ride Cloth Seat w/ Heat, Instructional Seat, AM/FM Radio, Cab Suspension, Battery Shut Off Switch, Fender Mounted Three Point Hitch Switch, Hydraulic Motor Return Ports, Toolbox, Extremity Lighting, LED Lighting, Power Beyond And Motor Return Hydraulic Ports, 120" Rear Axle, CAT III/IIIN Three Point Hitch, Factory Guidance Ready, HID Work Lamps, High Capacity Hydraulic Pump, 168 Gallon Fuel Tank, 23 Gallon DEF Tank. Tire Measurements: Left Front 59/32, Left Inside Dual 65/32, Left Outside Dual 65/32, Right Inside Dual 65/32, Right Outside Dual 65/32, Right Front 58/32.

A 2019 New Holland T7.210 tractor from Oconto, Wis., sold for US$95,000 (CAD$128,030) to a buyer from South Dakota after 151 bids.

Specs: 1,675 hours, FPT 6.7L, Powershift 31MPH, 19 Forward Speeds, 6 Reverse Speeds, 540/Small 1000 PTO, Rear PTO, Rear Fender PTO Control, 4 Hydraulic Outlets, Rear Fender 3-Pt Hitch Control, 3-Point Hitch, Differential Lock, 16.9-28 Front Tires, 480/80R42 Rear Tire Size, Front Fenders, Two Wheel Weights Per Side Rear Axle Weights, ISOBUS Compatible, Electrical Adjustable And Heated Mirrors, Front PTO Front/Three Point, Toolbox, Fender Mounted #3 SCV Switch, Dual Rotary Beacons, Extremity Lights, LED Lighting, Cab Suspension, Two Cab Doors, Front Three Point Hitch, Front Switch For Raising/Lowering Front Three Point Hitch, One Front SCV, Front 540 PTO, AM/FM/Bluetooth Radio, Front/Rear Window Shades, Auto Comfort Leather Seat w/ Heating, Cooling, Active Suspension, Leather, 112" Rear Axle, Electronic Park Lock, Intelliview IV Touchscreen, 200 Amp Alternator, Reversible Engine Fan, Engine Block And Transmission Heaters, Tire Measurements: Left Front 60/32, Left Rear 57/32, Right Rear 58/32, Right Front 55/32.

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