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Climate markets expansion - $145M for forest landowners


The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service is channeling nearly $145 million towards engaging forest landowners in climate market opportunities. This funding, part of the Investing in America agenda and sourced from the Inflation Reduction Act, signifies the largest climate investment in U.S. history. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack emphasizes the critical role of private landowners in addressing climate change and supporting rural economies.

The initiative targets the expansion of climate market access to previously unreachable landowners, including those with small acreages and those in underserved communities. With $116 million allocated to Forest Landowner Support projects, the effort aims to level the playing field, offering technical assistance and education, particularly in areas like Arkansas where land retention and climate market access are pressing issues.

This move not only aims to keep forests productive and healthy but also aligns with the administrator Justice40 Initiative, focusing on delivering 40% of the environmental benefits from federal investments to disadvantaged communities. It represents a stride towards equitable environmental action and rural economic enhancement.

States and territories are also invited to partake with an additional $29 million set aside for developing their technical assistance programs. This comprehensive approach to environmental stewardship and community support underscores the administration's commitment to a resilient and sustainable future. With the door still open for new project proposals, the initiative promises continued growth and inclusivity in America's fight against climate change.

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