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Colorado invests in local ag businesses

Investments to help with a variety of initiatives

By Diego Flammini,

In an effort to boost business and agricultural initiatives in Colorado, its Department of Agriculture is investing money into local agricultural businesses.

“We received 30 well written applications requesting nearly $400,000 for an array of innovative projects, ideas and concepts,” said Shaina Knight, Markets Division Business Development Specialist. “The Department is excited to make an investment in these companies to help them reach their goals.”


The “Enrich Colorado Ag Grant Program” will provide companies in Colorado the funds to conduct research and develop new strategies to market their food and agricultural products.

The grant program considers any applications looking for an investment of up to $15,000 per project. Applicants also need to match at least 50% of the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s contributions whether in cash or other resources.

Some of the projects scheduled to receive funding include:

  • $4,900 to Brink Inc., of Erie, Colorado to study whether or not using pre-consumer food waste as livestock feed or for composting is economically practical.
  • $12,610 to Kettelson Family Farms in Wray, Colorado. They’ll get help with some of their equipment to look at a way of harvesting and producing two new ornamental products.
  • $9,895 to Southwest Fresh Farm Cooperative from Cortez, Colorado to improve the sales of local farm products by soon introducing online shopping access.

“The Department takes great pride in the ability to support our local food and agricultural businesses,” said Tom Lipetzky, Markets Division Director.

Tell us your thoughts on the investments being made by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. What kind of projects would you propose for funding assistance?

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