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Egg Farmers of Canada recognized for its work environment

Egg Farmers of Canada recognized for its work environment

The organization was named one of Ottawa’s top employers for the ninth consecutive year

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

A Canadian ag organization recently won honours for being a top place to work.

Egg Farmers of Canada was recognized as one of Ottawa’s top employers for the ninth consecutive year.

Everyone within organization contributed to receiving this honour, said Tim Lambert, CEO of Egg Farmers of Canada.

“It’s reflective of the premium we place on organizational culture,” he told “From our board of directors to our entire staff, I view this as a collective success because we’ve worked together to create a culture of success.”

Part of building a positive work environment is transparency.

Ensuring everyone is aware of the organization’s goals, and giving proper credit where it’s due, helps put everyone on the same page, Lambert said.

Tim Lambert

“We work really hard to recognize people for what they’re doing,” he said. “If something comes up at a board meeting and the idea came from a staff person, we make sure to identify that person by name because it helps show how their work contributes to the greater good.”

The organization also recognizes birthdays and allows employees time off to volunteer in the community,among other things, Lambert said.

The pandemic has led to creative ways to support employees and promote a positive workplace while at home.

Providing employees with the tools to do their work is one thing, but Egg Farmers of Canada is doing more to ensure workers are engaged, Lambert said.

“We have an internal internet where people will regularly put forward challenges and games,” Lambert said. “We have virtual cocktail hours or lunch and learns as well to bring people together to talk about other things, not just work. We also have regular staff meetings to make sure people aren’t feeling alone.”

Looking for more information for a positive workplace? has tips on how to minimize negativity in the workplace.

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