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Farmers in Midwestern U.S and Canada Say ‘Bring on the Rain’!

Lack of Rain Hurting Crops When they Need it Most

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No rain in sight is the verdict plaguing farmers in the Midwestern Canada and the United States, who are in desperate need of some rain to help boost their crops at a crucial time in the growing season. The major crops including corn and soybeans along with many vegetable groups could face stunted growth, impacting yields if rain doesn’t soon come. Not only is the dry weather a major concern among farmers, but the potential for severe storms that could damage crops.

The weather factor plays a central part in agriculture productivity. The poor growing conditions are bad news for both farmers and consumers. Crop prices are high, which could be a benefit to cash crop farmers but if those farmers don’t get a decent yield they may have a tough year financially. While cash crop farmers stand to either gain or lose from the drought crisis, livestock farmers are also negatively impacted. It’s often not talked about – the impact that high crop prices have on livestock producers, but when crop prices remain high, feed prices skyrocket, resulting in elevated input costs and less return on their bottom line. The entire food system is impacted right down to the consumer. With higher crop prices, higher food prices will become evident.

If there is a glimmer of hope it’s our farmer’s attitude. When times get tough, and there appears to be no hope in sight, farmers continue to work hard to produce food for all of us to enjoy. They believe that there will be better days and only good fortune ahead. It’s time to be thankful for good souls like them.


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