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New planter solutions from Kinze

By Diego Flammini,

Just like golfers need the right driver to drive the ball down the fairway and like a hockey player needs the right stick to shoot the puck quickly and accurately, a farmer needs the right planter so the seeds are planted properly.

Kinze Maufacturing out of Williamsburg, Iowa, has a wide range of planter sizes, options and other configurations to give the farmer almost every tool to be able to customize the planter to suit their specific needs.

Some of the available and included items for Kinze planters include

  • Colour-coded seed discs that are uniquely designed to be used when planting a specific crop.
  • Compatible with almost any ISOBUS controller display include John Deere’s GreenStar.
  • Seed monitors can count approximately 120 seeds per second and they can identify population changes.
  • Farmers can shut off split row interplants by simply turning the throw-out clutches.

The models range from their 3000 model that comes in 4, 6 and 8 row configurations up to 3700 model that has a maximum of 36 rows.

The spring-loaded safety latch on the 3500 model locks a toolbar in place for transport, while the 3600 model allows for twin 40-bushel bulk seed hoppers that allow for more planting at one time.

The 3600 model also comes with electric point row clutches that are controlled from the cab allowing the farmer to shut off either side of planter.

In the 3700 model, the in-cab controls allow the farmer to place row markers and adjust folding levels. It’s 43-foot planting widths allow farmers to plant more at once, resulting in possible fuel savings and potential yield.

Most of the planters are also available with a different folding method including front, pivot and wing.

Comment below and tell us what kind of planter you currently use. After reading about some of the specifications of the Kinze planters, would you consider switching?

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