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Apr 25, 2022
By Denise Faguy
Assistant Editor, North American Content, is proud to recognize employees celebrating significant workplace anniversaries was one of the first companies on the internet. Every year, is proud to recognize employees celebrating significant anniversaries with the company.

“At we know that without our team members we couldn’t succeed,” says President and CEO Graham Dyer.

After several postponements due to COVID-19, the company was finally able to have an in-person celebration of those employees with milestone work anniversaries.

The team then raised their champagne glasses in celebration of the following team members.

Celebrating 3 years with in 2021

Leslie Stewart, Sales & Publishing Support Specialist for the Better Farming team. “I’m grateful for the job itself and I’m proud of the things I get to do,” says Stewart. “I’ve always loved writing but was never formally trained in journalism, so I thought I’d never have something I wrote published anywhere. It still blows my mind whenever I see my name in Better Farming magazine!”

Janet Peregrine-Cotic is the Corporate Comptroller has been with the company twice. She rejoined three years ago. Cotic says she is most proud of being able to adapt to the continually changing environment, because always challenges her with new projects and she is continually learning.

Celebrating 5 years with in 2021

Shaun Clark, Graphic Designer, Media says he is “proud of how we as a company have weathered the storm that’s been the last 3 years, meeting the challenges and coming out on top.” Shaun works on several of the print publications: Ag Buyer’s Guide, Better Farming (Ontario & Prairies), US Farmer, and many, many more.

Christian Eichenaeur, has been with the Professional Services Team for 5 years on the Information Technology side. He says is proud of the several migrations and office moves that he has completed, both for internal and external clients. “I worked most of my life for larger companies where you often feel you are only a tiny voice in the system. At, I feel like I’m part of a company where I matter and where I can bring in ideas for improvements.”

Celebrating 10 years with in 2021

Paul Lander, Director of Search Engine Optimization, said “I think I’ve achieved a lot professionally over the last 10 years at, but I’m probably most proud of the personal growth that various professional challenges have provided me.”

Celebrating 15 Years with in 2021

Better Farming was not always part of, but many of the team were welcomed into in 2016. Sales Representative Jeff McKee, who specializes in co-op advertising, says he is proud of what the company accomplished in 2021, in particular. “2021 was a year of uncertainty. A few ideas worked exceptionally well, turning it into a record year.”

Julia Askerov Senior Application Developer and Specifications Manager with says it was her first job in Canada and she felt very intimidated. “My first manager Dominic Calderon assigned me a small task on the first day and publicly congratulated me with my first code change on the website. I was very excited!”

Askerov continued, “As a developer you have your areas of expertise, as a person you have your comfort zones. Looking back at my years with I realized I feel most proud and accomplished about moments when I was forced out of my comfort zone and my area of expertise - the company provided plenty of these opportunities for me."

Celebrating 20 years with in 2021 Professional Services IT Manager John So has been with the company for more than 20 years. John has been there every step of the way throughout the company’s continued growth over the years.

Celebrating 20+ years with in 2021

Because of COVID, one milestone celebration was delayed. Glenn Ruegg Sales Representative joined the Better Farm team early in its history. He shared several stories with fellow team members including how proud he was to meet then Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion at a trade show one year when she stopped by the Better Farming Booth, and he mentioned that he has really enjoyed working with the Ontario Federation of Agriculture over the years.

But he says, he is perhaps most amused by his stardom as the model on the porta-potty signage at trade shows. See image below.


Better Farming Porta Potty Signage at trade show

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