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Former Sask. ag minister Lyle Stewart resigns from politics

Former Sask. ag minister Lyle Stewart resigns from politics

Stewart is leaving to focus on his health

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

A familiar face to Saskatchewan farmers is leaving the provincial legislature.

Lyle Stewart, the MLA for Lumsden-Morse who served as ag minister from 2012 to 2018 under Premiers Brad Wall and Scott Moe, announced March 10 as his last day in politics.

He’s resigning his seat to focus on his health.

“I’ve been living with prostate cancer for a number of years now, but unfortunately, my condition has worsened in recent weeks to the point I can no longer do the job to the standard I expect of myself and that my constituents deserve,” Stewart said in a Saskatchewan Party release on March 6.

Stewart also addressed his colleagues in the provincial legislature (his remarks begin around the 1:30:00 mark of the video).

“It was my intention to finish out this term, at which time I would have put in 25 years of service as an MLA,” he said. “I need to spend more of the time that I have left with my grandchildren and my dear friend Juanita.”

At least one Saskatchewan ag group wished Stewart well in his future.

“On behalf of the Saskatchewan Cattlemen’s Association, we would like to thank Lyle Stewart for his dedication and hard work on behalf of our industry during his tenure as the Minister of Agriculture,” the organization said on its Twitter account. “We wish him all the best in his retirement.”

Stewart’s battle with colon cancer led to his resignation as minister of agriculture in 2018.

He originally received the diagnosis of prostate cancer in the summer of 2014.

Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Canadian men. One in eight is expected to be diagnosed in their lifetime, the Canadian Cancer Society says.

Stewart first entered provincial politics in 1999 as the MLA for Thunder Creek.

His roles within the provincial legislature included being the critic for agriculture, economic development and industry and resources. He also served as the minister responsible for Saskatchewan Crop Insurance, and minister for enterprise and innovation.

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