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H.J. Baker introduces TIGER Greening Guard

Product is meant to help farmers combat citrus greening

By Diego Flammini,

In an attempt to give farmers more tools in the battle against pests and potential diseases that can be harmful to the industry, H.J. Baker, an agricultural firm with offices in the United States, Canada, Brazil and China released a citrus mix.

H.J. Baker launched TIGER Greening Guard, a citrus mix containing 64% sulfur, 3% iron, 7% manganese and 6% zinc, is designed to help farmers defend their crops from Huanglongbing, which is more commonly known as citrus greening.

“TIGER Greening Guard citrus mix is a revolutionary new way to combat Citrus Greening,” said Don Cherry, President of H.J. Baker’s Crop Performance Group. “Its acid forming technology and precision micronutrient delivery fuels feeder root density and strengthens the plant immune system. It also lowers soil pH which reduces stress and its control release properties optimize nutrient uptake and boost citrus tree health.”

The product, which is supported by the University of Florida, limits tree vulnerability to citrus greening by boosting and strengthening its immune system. Feeder root density is increased allowing for maximum nutrient intake. The combination leads to healthier fruit, a reduction in fruit drop and a more successful crop for the farmer.

Citrus Greening

  • Trees are infected by the Asian citrus psyllid
  • Citrus greening can reduce root functionality by as much as 80%
  • Symptoms include deformed looking fruit, premature fruit drop, bitter juices and fruit appearing green

Asian citrus psyllid
Asian citrus psyllid

For information on other potential pests, visit the Field Guide.

Join the discussion and let us know if you’ve had to battle citrus greening on your farm. What measures did you take to manage the issue?

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