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Holstein Canada Sees Growth in Animal Registrations

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Holstein Canada reports that its members have reached a record high for animal registrations.

The organization has completed 280,652 registrations for new Holstein calves in 2012, which is up 3.3% from 2011. Not only have registration numbers grown, but the number of electronic registration numbers has also risen, which now represent 86% of the total.

It’s been found that registered Holsteins bring an average market premium of $397 compared to grade animals. The trend seems to be that dairy producers are seeing the value of registering, because they are seeing a return on their investment. Registering an animal can also provide additional information to keep track of genetic information, which can aid management - leading to better milk production and longevity.

The Holstein breed represents 94% of the total Canadian dairy herd. The remaining 7% is a mixture of other dairy breeds, such as Jersey, Gurnsey, Ayrshire and Brown Swiss among others.


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