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House agriculture committee advances dairy priorities in farm bill


The House Agriculture Committee's recent approval of the 2024 Farm Bill represents a significant milestone for the dairy sector. Spearheaded by Rep. Glenn “GT” Thompson, the committee's bipartisan approach demonstrates a commitment to addressing key challenges within the industry.

Key highlights of the House Farm Bill include the extension of the Dairy Margin Coverage (DMC) program, offering dairy farmers enhanced risk management tools through 2029. Additionally, the bill aims to restore fairness in milk pricing and encourages the consumption of nutritious milk in schools.

The bill allocates additional funds for critical dairy trade promotion programs and supports environmental stewardship initiatives by enhancing voluntary conservation programs. Increased funding for animal health programs further addresses current industry challenges, including the H5N1 outbreak.

The House Agriculture Committee's approval of the Farm Bill reflects bipartisan cooperation and acknowledges the diverse needs of dairy producers nationwide. As the legislative process progresses, the bill's passage lays a foundation for future agricultural policy developments, emphasizing industry resilience and support.

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