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How to break yield barriers in corn farming


Aiming for high corn yields means adopting a tailored approach to farming, focusing on the specific requirements of each field or zone. AgriGold’s Nick Frederking advises moving beyond general farming practices to embrace precision agriculture, which involves detailed knowledge of the land and strategic selection of crop hybrids. This meticulous management extends to breaking down larger acreages into manageable zones for focused analysis and intervention, leveraging advanced tools like grid sampling and drones. 

Frederking underscores the transformative potential of modern planter technology in enhancing seed placement precision, crucial for achieving optimal yields. He also stresses the importance of a comprehensive nutrient management plan that goes beyond the standard nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK) regimen to include critical micronutrients like zinc, thereby addressing the full spectrum of crop needs. 

By gradually implementing these targeted strategies and making judicious use of technological advancements, farmers can significantly elevate their corn yields. AgriGold, along with AgReliant Genetics, stands ready to support these efforts by providing not only high-quality seeds but also expert agronomic guidance, embodying their commitment to fostering agricultural innovation and sustainability.

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