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Husky Farm Equipment Celebrates Staff

Husky Farm Equipment Celebrates Staff

Farm equipment manufacturer finds unique and innovative way to celebrates staff as well as customers with Six Days of Christmas

By Denise Faguy,


It goes without saying that 2020 has been a challenging year.  But as we all know, people in the agriculture community are not afraid to take on a little challenge.

Walter Grose at Husky Farm Equipment was not about to let Covid-19 completely cancel his annual Christmas party.  “Sometimes you have to get a little creative to bring Christmas cheer,” he said.

He knew he could not have a large gathering with restrictions in place, but he was determined to treat his staff to a nice meal.  Instead, he provided each of his staff with the elements of a meal they could enjoy at home with their family.  A new item for the special dinner was delivered to team member over the course of six days.  Each item was produced by Husky Farm Equipment’s own customers from across Ontario. 

husky six days of christmas collage

Outlined below are Husky Equipment’s Six Days of Christmas.

Day 1 featured a 50-pound bag of potatoes.  The potatoes were supplied by Sunrise Potatoes of Alliston, Ontario.  A family farm run by Ruth VanderZagg and Nick Ploeg,” the Husky Equipment media release says. “The VanderZaag’s are long time customers of Husky Farm Equipment --proud owners of several Husky Manure Tanks.”

Day 2 featured delicious and creamy Jersey chocolate milk and ice cream supplied by Miller’s Dairy. As the release explains, “John & Marie Miller operate Jalon Farms a 700 acres dairy farm near Creemore, ON.  They operate Miller’s Dairy right on their farm with their son Shawn, so it’s a multi- generational family business just like Husky. The Girls at Miller’s Dairy are happy that all the manure is put on the fields with Husky Manure Spreaders.”

Day 3 featured artic char and rainbow trout supplied by Spring Hills of Hanover, ON. How you ask, could this item possibly be connected to Husky?  The answer show’s Husky’s dedication to working with clients to find solutions.  “Husky developed a nozzle to clean the tanks and not the fish. This method has saved time and water over the years. Many fish are transported in truck tanks to be used for restocking. The waste material from fish processing plants is also transported from the factories to the farms for fertilizer,” the release says.

Day 4 featured smoked pork chops and sausages (grass fed organic pork) supplied by 3Gen Organics, located in Mapleton township. Husky says they worked with the Isreal family of 3Gen Organics to make a dribble bar for their manure spreader.  “This unit inserts the manure between the crop rows with GPS auto steer, placing the manure at the required rate where the yield maps say the nutrient is needed.”

Day 5 featured smoked duck supplied by King Cole Duck. “Husky has been supplying King Cole with Husky Bionic Vacuum Tanks for many years. The water is hauled to the fields and the dry manure is turned to compost,” says the media release. 

Day 6 featured a dozen eggs supplied by Donkers/ Grayridge Farms.  As the release explains, “Chicken manure is very rich in nutrients and must be spread evenly in the field. Many chicken processing plants use Husky manure pumps to move the water in the facility to storage and then to the fields.”

Congratulations to Walter Grose at Husky Farm Equipment for showing innovation and gratitude to staff but to customers as well, and for spreading Christmas cheer.

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