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Improving Precision Farming with Precision Planting’s Clarity

Improving Precision Farming with Precision Planting’s Clarity

Enhancing Granular Application for Better Crop Yield 

By Ryan Ridley

Precision farming is taking a leap forward with Precision Planting's Clarity system. 

Designed to catch blockage and flow distribution issues, Clarity ensures optimal crop uniformity and yield. recently chatted with Josh Stoller, Precision Planting Regional Manager, about Clarity. 

With granular applications becoming prevalent in modern agriculture, maintaining consistency and precision is paramount for farmers. 

Clarity addresses this need by providing detailed insights into granular flow, enabling farmers to identify and address blockages or uneven application of seed or dry fertilizer says Stoller. 

The Clarity system utilizes sensors to monitor granular flow, providing real-time data on each row's application. This enables farmers to detect any blockages or inconsistencies promptly, rather than at emergence when it’s too late.  

By identifying issues early on, farmers can take corrective measures to optimize yield potential and reduce input wastage explains Stoller. 

One of the key features of Clarity is its ability to provide row-by-row uniformity analysis. This allows you to assess the uniformity of granular application across the entire field, enabling targeted interventions where necessary.  

Stoller explains that with the ability to pinpoint individual rows with over or under application, you can fine-tune your equipment for optimal performance. 

Moreover, Clarity offers a user-friendly interface, accessible through a Gen 3 Display. Farmers can easily visualize granular flow and identify any deviations from the desired application rates.  

This empowers farmers to make informed decisions on equipment adjustments or maintenance, ensuring consistent performance throughout the planting process. 

Stoller shares that by providing real-time insights and row-by-row analysis, Clarity enables out to optimize crop yield while minimizing input wastage.  

With precision farming becoming increasingly essential for sustainable agriculture, Clarity sets a new standard for efficiency and performance in granular application systems. 

For more information about enhancing granular fertility applications with Clarity, watch the video below.  

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