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Job trends in agriculture

Job trends in agriculture

The past two years have affected employment in North American agriculture and food sectors, changing how, where, and the way we work and conduct business. Read more of the report from Bonnie Johnson of as presented in the 2022 issue of Benchmark, our PigChamp swine magazine.

By Andrew Joseph,

After staggering high unemployment rates in 2020, it dropped in 2021.

The vital global agricultural industry experienced strong hiring in 2021, with a 30% increase in jobs posted on

Globally, job postings in the swine industry on increased by 6% in the past year. Looking at jobs by country, US swine jobs remained consistent, while Canadian swine jobs increased.

Recruitment & Retention
Whereas employment opportunities expanded, finding staff to fill these roles can be challenging.

Ag employers reported in the 2021-2022 Agribusiness HR Review, that hourly/non-exempt positions were the most difficult role to fill. Adding to the competition for staff, more than half of employers said they plan to increase the size of their workforce over the next two years. Agricultural employers reported that competition for talent was their most concerning human resource matter, and retention practices will be a top focus for them in 2022.

In the HR Review, agricultural employers said their highest need was for candidates with a high school diploma, followed by a Bachelor’s degree, and an associate degree.

Examining applications from 2021, 66% had a Bachelor’s degree or higher. draws applicant traffic from a range of majors and occupations both inside and outside of the agricultural industry. The majority of applicants had an ag-based degree (60%), with Ag Business remaining the most common.

Fourteen percent of applicants were students, and 57% were currently or most recently employed in ag occupations. Over one-third of applicants had 10-plus years of experience.

To read the Full Article by Bonnie Johnson of as it appeared in our 2022 Benchmark swine magazine, click HERE.

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