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KAP pilots HR program for producers

KAP pilots HR program for producers

When producers complete the program, they’ll have a complete farm labour plan for their operation

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Keystone Agricultural Producers (KAP) staff along with Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council (CAHRC) staff are giving producers in Manitoba the opportunity to learn more about human resources (HR).

The program is running as a pilot this year with ten producers who come from different commodities, said Thea Green, KAP program manager.

The program is “only 14 hours in total, which includes both your course time and your homework. It's going to focus on the highlights of developing a human resources plan, so really focusing on all aspects of managing farm labour for farmers. It'll go through some of the basics of how to recruit, hire, retain, reward staff and fire staff. It will include information based on labour laws, as well as best practices for farmers, and lots of tips about how to make it easier or more valuable for the farmers involved,” she told

Producers involved in the program will have a completed farm labour plan they can use in their operation.

KAP wanted to offer this program with the help of the CAHRC after surveying farmers in 2019, said Green.

“This course is very much built as a result of what we learned from our members about what they'd like to learn, how they'd like to learn and some of the challenges and issues they're experiencing in terms of labour shortages and hiring good farm labour,” she explained.

After the completion of the program KAP staff will work with producers to find out what could be improved on for the next offering of the program, which will be offered on an annual basis most likely in the winter, said Green.

“This is just step one to create something that's very valuable for all Manitoba farmers going forward and we'd like as many people as possible to get involved and get the training that they need to feel more confident in managing human resources on their farms,” said Green.

Producers interested in the next round of training can contact Green or the KAP office.

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