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Local Food Week happening in Ontario

Celebrations will take place from June 1-7, 2015

By Diego Flammini,

Ontario is known for having some of the best crops and food in the country, and there will be a weeklong celebration honouring the farmers that grow the food and the people that prepare it for everyone to enjoy.

From June 1-7, 2015 various locations throughout Ontario will hold a variety of events honouring the food that comes from the various communities in the province – from the 37,000 farm families to the residents who purchase them.

The week will kick off at 11:00am on June 1 when the Foodland Ontario flag is raised at Chatham’s Civic Centre. After the flag ceremony, a farmer’s market will be held until 1pm.

Other events throughout the week include:

  • On June 5 at 9pm, social media enthusiasts can join farmers and foodies from around Ontario by using the Twitter hashtag #loveONTfood. There are prizes to be won and it’s a chance to connect with food lovers across the province. To be eligible for prizes, attendees must register.

Ontario food

  • From 10am on June 6 to 4pm on June 7, the Picton Fairgrounds will host the Great Canadian Cheese Festival, the biggest cheese show in Canada. Visitors can sample various cheeses, wines and beer all made in Ontario. The first 1,000 visitors will even receive free cheese curds. Tickets for this event are $50.

Here are some statistics about Ontario agriculture:

  • Sweet corn was worth more than $28 million in fresh sales in 2013.
  • Field tomatoes brought in about $315 million in 2013.
  • Oxford County produced 49.9 bushels per acre of soybeans – the highest in Ontario
  • n 2014, Wellington County had 380 milk producers – the most in the province
  • As of July 2012, Bruce County had the highest number of total cattle and pigs 148,103 and 607,263 respectively.

Tell us your thoughts about some of the Local Food Week celebrations. How will you celebrate Ontario food and agriculture? As a farmer, how does it make you feel to have your hard work spotlighted?

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